about us

We understand working as set and costume designers as an inner mission. The satisfaction we gain from our everyday work forms the strength which drives and leads us.
Competences like architectural thinking, music-historical understanding as well as the experiences in stage design constitute our common work.
The symbolic substance of a play or a drama generates the initial point of our formative work. Besides, we always proceed on the search for an aesthetics beyond historical contexts. For us rooms are living entities which participate in the conflicts of the protagonists placed in it. Therefore it needs an expression which grasps the room and the occurrences in it as a comprehensive result.
We understand functionality and aesthetics as a unity.

Jeannine Cleemen

Dipl. Ing. & M.A. Jeannine Cleemen










Moritz Weisskopf

Dipl. Soz. Moritz Weißkopf